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At Criminal Lawyers Perth we have extensive experience in defending allegations of sexual abuse alleged to have happened years and sometimes decades in the past.

We take sexual abuse cases very seriously for both the alleged victim and alleged offender - our clients.

Theses cases are however, not without their problems.

For example, when charged with acts of sexual abuse said to have happened years into the past, the accused can rarely remember details of where he was let alone what he was doing at the time. The fact that alleged victims also find it difficult to pin point exact dates and times when they say the alleged sexual assault occurred causes police to simply set out a wide range of dates for example: "…on a day between October 1978 and October 1979…"

Another problem is the way a person accused of sexual abuse is treated - the immediate and often heard sentiment is that "if the police have charged him then he must be guilty."

At Criminal Lawyers Perth we are alive to the difficulties and problems associated with prosecuting and defending allegations of sexual abuse.

If you have been charged call us at Criminal Lawyers Perth straight away to make an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers to discuss your case.